5 Dec 2013

When bunnies become heroes

Salam & Hello peoples!
Minggu ni, minggu sangat mencabar. Macam- macam dugaan datang. And the only thing to distract my disturbed mind.. Menjahit !!! Somehow, all those felt creatures are more friendly than our reality world. (freak!) And for this week project, still in the mood of superheroes.Yeah, i love all those heroes, Especially MARVEL ;) But in a more simple design. And testing my skills using the sewing machine.(Ternyata, banyak lagi kena belajar. haha)

Lets call them, superheroes+ bunny edition.haha. They're just 5 1/2 inches. Anybody wanna adopt them? pm me *wink. TC!

20 Nov 2013

my friends are heroes #2

Salam & Hye!
Plush update:) Recently finished all the superheroes. For the 2nd wave.Yeah \m/

<<< and this dude, took me like forever to finish him!.
but i love how it turned out to be pretty cool ^-^. This is my first attempt, sewing a weapon. I don't know if it looks like what it's supposed to be.. haha. and there are supposed to be four of them.
but unfortunately, Mr Wolverine already at a new home. So, yeah.That's all for now.TC buddies!

8 Nov 2013

my friends are heroes

Selepas beberapa hari tidur tak cukup. Selepas beberapa hari makan tak sempat. After all those hectic and suffering. Finally finally finally.. Siap jugak!!!!! Yeaaaaaa... I made them as requested by friends of ma bro. All of them are 12 inches tall and totally hand-sewn. Jujurnya, buat depa memang menguji kesabaran. Benang terbelit la, salah potong la. But after all get done, looking at their chubby-ness, arghhh.. you can't resist to smile and squuueeeeeeezzze them.haha. ok.
TC pals!

6 Nov 2013


Wahhhh.. Feeling alive!! Selepas beberapa hari demam, a lot of works delayed. but now im back, \m/ yea. so here are a bunch of my crap. i use da leftover fabric, sew it into a tote bag and CONTENG!! with da fabric markers :) Go check 'em out at my fb store: LarutMalam Shop

I also made a new LarutMalam's logo. nyumnyum. Yeahh pretty excited to start doing "da thing" back. Hopefully, new logo, new spirit. ^o^
and thanx guys for those who wish for my good health. and also thanx for those yang keep asking bila nak update blog. (Walaupun cheq ingat cheq sorang je yang tulis sendiri dan baca sendiri..haha) Whatever it is, TC!

24 Sep 2013

have heart

Lately, i've been drawing like crazy. ( its like, you keep drawing one after another,non stop) . Actually its more like a therapy, trying to distract myself. and keep my self busy. haha. Ibu cakap, "Lukis la gambar cantik-cantik sikit". Ayah cakap, " Apelaa asyik gambar tengkorak je". I don't know. The moment i hold the pencil and paper, they start to come out. Unconsciously.hee
Anyway, have a good day! TC

1 Jul 2013

feelin; good

It has been a while since my last entry. Dah bersarang tak nampak jalan dah blog ni (ok, cliche! haha). After resigning my job, i'm jobless for a while. (a while la sangat, padahal a month). So, i got nothing to do. alone in my rented room. to kill my boredom, i did some trashy drawing and painting. Anyway, it made me feel good, being able to play with the colors and brushes.having so much fun ^_^ Till then, TC!

5 May 2013


Hi. So, it has been a loooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggg time. I miss my old days where I've so many free times to spend, doing things that i like. I'm not missing an action. Well as an adult, i have to start looking for a job. And yes i got it. BUT, it was a nightmare for me. Now i know how nasty and cruel this real life. (baru tahu ke?heh..) I've no problem with the company's system but the way they manage it and the way they do their business are totally make my rebel spirit rushed through my veins. Dan ramai cakap, "come on la Aten, that's the nature of business and sales." Oh yeah? Sorry and come on la dude, that's not my nature.I'm not saying that i'm totally a pure, innocent or angelic person but how can i sit calmly, crossing my arms and legs, watching all the LIES? "kalau itu ini tak boleh aten, macam mana nak maju dalam bisnes?" i don't give a **** man, as long as i know i'm doing the right thing. dan itu tak termasuk lagi cerita betapa terdesaknya seorang manager ni try to take over our mind,body and soul (amboi, ok itu hiperbola.haha) dengan mengindoktrinasikan 'duit adalah segala-galanya'.
"Dengan duit, kau orang boleh buat macam-macam, boleh beli segala-galanya. Even cinta dan kasih sayang mak bapak kau orang pun boleh beli. Kau orang boleh ada berapa banyak orang gaji yang kau mau. Macam aku. Letak je kaki atas meja, dia orang bukak stokin. Ada lipas je dalam rumah aku, dia orang mati " blablabla 
Bukan nak cakap aku pejuang cinta tegar tapi ini sudah lebih. Macam hedonisme pun ada. Nak cerita panjang pun tak guna. Tapi kalau kau orang ada dalam situasi aku, rasa nak baling kasut je dekat uncle sorang ni. Mungkin aku juga ada silap pemahaman niat sebenar yang cuba disampaikan. Atau mungkin emosi dan jiwa memberontak aku silap tempat dan masa. Tapi cukuplah.
At this point of time, i feel like doing nothing but just focus on my craft/art business plan.That's the only thing i'm passionate about. Tapi lepas baca "Why artist & illustrator should get a job". I'm neither an artist nor an illustrator, but it is wisely written and gave me a "pang" a lil bit. haha. So again, start looking for a new job. 

Semoga dipermudahkanNya :)
p/s: PRU13? =_=   

8 Mar 2013

Si Pemalas

Salam peeps..
Ahhh..Lama dah tak update. I have a chronic disease which is so-called MALAS! hahaSo here are a few updates. Requested plushies from my supportive friends. See the big and fat owlie? hehe Kind of freaky ha? :) my sis said, there's something wrong with her eyes. and the optimus prime (if you can see), i'm not really good in designing superheroes or warrior characters. but i just love him :)

tote bag. already did all the coloring stuff. tapi cheq still tak puas hati laa. something missing. bad color combinations. i think have to bold the outline some more. sadly, my black ink already dried. awaiting to shop for new markers. yeahhhhh. and remember how i craving for the stained sharpie marker set? TADAAAAA.. my bro got it for me. orang bagi kita terima. ye tak? haha tapi set ni tak ada warna hitam. huhu..anyway, super excited to conteng banyak-banyak lagi. ^-^

25 Feb 2013


Currently, in process of doodling on a tote bag. Requested from my very own best friend.
Lama dah tak men-doodle ni. Karat juga la otak. But the hardest part for me is Coloring! Im very bad in matching up the colors. Oh.. Hopefully she will like it :)

TC! people.

20 Feb 2013

melancholy of me

this gonna be a rare post.
this is not my style to write "my feeling" in my blog.

this week is my super saddest and hectic week.
we were surprised by new born bunnies last week.
we were over excited. I delayed most of my work because of them.
They were five of them. And i can't resist their cuteness.

But.. our happiness doesn't last longer. Two days later, their mom died.
So we started to look after the babies. and.. it was not an easy task.
Since they were too small. It was difficult to find a suitable milk to feed them.
we were trying so many ways even do some research, called a veterinarian for advices.
Unfortunately, they started dying one by one.
And three of them were dying in my hand.
I can see how they were trying, gasping for the air for the last time.
oh God.. can you feel how i feel? 
and my tears can be stopped anymore.
(ibu cakap: dah ajal diaorang, redha jela..)

now, only one left. But she/he is very weak and unstable.
hope, she/he can stay strong.

 I also learned & keep reminding myself that,
# tak ade satu pun dapat menandingi ciptaan Allah. 
tak kesah la susu replacement secanggih, semahal mana pun..
never be the same as the original one.

SORRY. grammar, ayat terabur habis ke laut.
serabut..huhu.. :(

11 Feb 2013

being a kid.. again

do you remember what it feels like to be young?
yahh.. playing with clay somehow reminds me of how it feels. hee

ingat lagi dulu jalan-jalan dekat mall, merayu dekat ibu nak PlayDoh.
PlayDoh hot stuff zaman tu.
nak yang set besaaaar tu. boleh buat pizza, aiskrim, burger.
ibu tak nak layan.
jalan lambat-lambat belakang ibu dengan muka rebel (kecik-kecik dah pandai).
Ibu tak larat nak layan, at last beli jugak.
tapi set yang kecik ja. *jadilah daripada tak ada.  ^_^

so, here are some clay charms that i made.
it's just to kill my tiredness after sewing.
i'm still a noob.
lots of things need to learn.
and youtube will be your best Guru :) Yup

now, back to work.
TC guys! :)

10 Feb 2013

Weekend obsession: Fox!

Salam & Hai :)
Tak tau lah kenapa.
Minggu ni obses menconteng musang
Dari sketchbook sampailah ke illustrator. haha

I'm pretty like their faces. I think they're cute. kan? :p
So I made a fox clay charm!

Kali pertama bergelumang dengan polymer clay ni.
Main plastishin (tah macam mana ejaan dia.haha) selalu la.
Jadi, macam-macam silly and stupid mistakes terjadi. ngee
*nampaknya lepas ni, ada topik dan label baru la: ohClay :)

Oryte.. TC! :)

7 Feb 2013

We're all unique

Musim hujan sekarang.
Seronok. Sejuk :)
Jadi terperap dalam rumah jelah.
So i can create manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy things.
Yeay \m/ 

So, dont forget to check out my Bilalarutmalam Shop for 
these new pieces of "We are all unique" keychains.

TC! :)

1 Feb 2013


yeaa. new comers!
tapi still tak fikir lagi,
nak bagi depa nama apa.

and this is just....
for fun
no offence.haha 

29 Jan 2013


Hari-hari menghadap felt, labtop, sketchbook memang berpusing-pusing mata.
Sekali-sekala layan keindahan alam sambil layan lagu Emancipator ka, Tycho ka, Celtic Music ka, tenang jugak. :)

i love looking at the sky.
look, how brilliant the color combinations are.
* Glorious is Allah ^-^

#2: "the earth has music for those who listen" - Shakespeare

Sorry, hari ni mood jiwang suam-suam kuku.haha