6 Nov 2013


Wahhhh.. Feeling alive!! Selepas beberapa hari demam, a lot of works delayed. but now im back, \m/ yea. so here are a bunch of my crap. i use da leftover fabric, sew it into a tote bag and CONTENG!! with da fabric markers :) Go check 'em out at my fb store: LarutMalam Shop

I also made a new LarutMalam's logo. nyumnyum. Yeahh pretty excited to start doing "da thing" back. Hopefully, new logo, new spirit. ^o^
and thanx guys for those who wish for my good health. and also thanx for those yang keep asking bila nak update blog. (Walaupun cheq ingat cheq sorang je yang tulis sendiri dan baca sendiri..haha) Whatever it is, TC!

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