20 Feb 2013

melancholy of me

this gonna be a rare post.
this is not my style to write "my feeling" in my blog.

this week is my super saddest and hectic week.
we were surprised by new born bunnies last week.
we were over excited. I delayed most of my work because of them.
They were five of them. And i can't resist their cuteness.

But.. our happiness doesn't last longer. Two days later, their mom died.
So we started to look after the babies. and.. it was not an easy task.
Since they were too small. It was difficult to find a suitable milk to feed them.
we were trying so many ways even do some research, called a veterinarian for advices.
Unfortunately, they started dying one by one.
And three of them were dying in my hand.
I can see how they were trying, gasping for the air for the last time.
oh God.. can you feel how i feel? 
and my tears can be stopped anymore.
(ibu cakap: dah ajal diaorang, redha jela..)

now, only one left. But she/he is very weak and unstable.
hope, she/he can stay strong.

 I also learned & keep reminding myself that,
# tak ade satu pun dapat menandingi ciptaan Allah. 
tak kesah la susu replacement secanggih, semahal mana pun..
never be the same as the original one.

SORRY. grammar, ayat terabur habis ke laut.
serabut..huhu.. :(

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