13 Mar 2014


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5 Mar 2014

Hot stuff

Salam & Hye! I am so happy, i got my package last day which i ordered on Monday from Sus n d Felt Product (it only takes 2days, fast huh? :) I am a happy customer, so i thought why not i do some sort of review on what i ordered. Maybe it might be helpful for crafter out there :) So lets get started.
a. Sorbet Tiny Buttons; RM10 : They are so tiny and cute (around 6mm in size) with multiple colors and shapes. Each pack contained 60 pieces. 

b. Funky Mini Flowers Buttons; RM10 : They're come in multiple colors and sizes ( 9mm-6mm) and colors. Each pack contained 45 pieces. I think it may be cute to use as an embellishment on your projects.
c. Mixed Heart Buttons; RM5.50 : Also come in multiple colors but they're quite big (around 14mmx15mm). Anyway, they're still damn cute. haha. Each pack contained 25 pieces.
d. Black HP Straps; RM18 : In a pack of 100 pieces for RM18 ? are you kidding me?, i mean you have to grab this ;) but, i figured out some of the clasp are not so sturdy. But it's OK for me. (Beli sekali bundle, biasalah.. )
e. Keychain; RM18 : Also in a pack of 100 pieces. I don't have words for this, but they are well-made. 
f. Black Round Brads; RM4.80 : Each pack contained 12 pieces. They are 8mm in size. I used them a lot as eyes for my plushies. So cute and I need more :) 
g. Black Round Brads; RM 6 : Same function as above only that each pack contained 40 pieces and in size of 5mm.
h. Round Brooch Pin; RM16 : Contained 100 pieces. They have different sizes but i bought 15mm. 
i. Brooch Pin; RM4 : They are 20 pieces in a pack and also come with multiple sizes. But i recommend you to buy a pack of 100 pieces. I don't know, more worthy i guess. hehe
j. Bell; RM5 : In a pack of 20 pieces, in size of 6mm and with random colors. And.. still cute.

In a nutshell, you should check out their website. If you are like me, i promise you gonna be crazy looking at their stuff. So cute! ( I know, i wrote so many cute in this post :). And that's all for now, TC!