27 May 2014

BIG DAY #Eika&Adam

I made some simple decoration, guestbook and photo booth setup for my friend's wedding. So, here are a few snaps of the glorious day. :) I am so happy being able to play around with my creativity, with my own way. And super happy when my friend really love it. Looking forward to exploring the new stuff. Yeah!TC..

18 May 2014

Quick Update

This will be a quick update. I mean, really really quick. Heh.

   1. My handmade stickers. I am planning to do some sticker-bombing.Haha (Yeye je)

    2. Hand-print pillow cases for a production group.

    3. My recent side project. Teacher's Day Gift. 
    And that's all for now. Till then, TC! :)

8 Apr 2014

2 Apr 2014


Photo credit to NadiahHassanNordin
"We only see money, we only see brands, we only see the comfortable life,
The time has arrived for change when the world ends,
we will miss the important things,
we will finally see with our hearts eye,
and we will learn that we missed out on an amazing opportunity. " -SANER

13 Mar 2014


1: www.kitchenremodeldesigns.blogspot.com | 2: www.posh24.com | 3: www.brit.co