8 Mar 2013

Si Pemalas

Salam peeps..
Ahhh..Lama dah tak update. I have a chronic disease which is so-called MALAS! hahaSo here are a few updates. Requested plushies from my supportive friends. See the big and fat owlie? hehe Kind of freaky ha? :) my sis said, there's something wrong with her eyes. and the optimus prime (if you can see), i'm not really good in designing superheroes or warrior characters. but i just love him :)

tote bag. already did all the coloring stuff. tapi cheq still tak puas hati laa. something missing. bad color combinations. i think have to bold the outline some more. sadly, my black ink already dried. awaiting to shop for new markers. yeahhhhh. and remember how i craving for the stained sharpie marker set? TADAAAAA.. my bro got it for me. orang bagi kita terima. ye tak? haha tapi set ni tak ada warna hitam. huhu..anyway, super excited to conteng banyak-banyak lagi. ^-^