28 Feb 2014

Paper Flowers

From top to bottom,left to right: 1&2) Martha Stewart 3) OhMyHandmadeGoodness 4) The Bride's Cafe 
        5) TheSweetnestOccasion 6) KimVallee

Salam peeps,This week kind of hectic for me. After took a few days off, there are many things i have to do and i don't know where to start. Haha. Silly me. Anyhow, i am helping my friend doing her wedding preparations. I'm super excited. I do a lot of research. Inspirations and tutorials on  "how to make paper flowers". Well you know, wedding is incomplete without flowers and fresh flowers are expensive. Economic friendly, durable, fun to make. I guess this is the best alternative. Only need a little bit of your creativity and imaginations. They are super beautiful! (Even they are fake) So here are some links that i guess will be super helpful :) DIY mode, turn on!. hehe. TC!

17 Feb 2014

Maison Lemarie'

I was watching the making of Chanel couture gown at Youtube when i discovered these pretty, delicate, elegant thingy; flowers and feathers. After some research, i found that it made by a company known as Maison Lemarie'. Lemarie is an established company from France specialized in making flowers and feathers (obviously) and couture. I am so inspired by their details of beautiful works and how many passions they put in their process. (I'm burning, can you see? haha)

So guess what.we know where this story goes. haha. i pun berangan la, try to make my own flowers out of felt. Experimenting here and there. I also made some sketch, planning to do hand-print on fabric. Will update (one day soon) how it turns out. hehe. TC buddies!   

Who want candy?

I love minimalist artworks. So i tried to make one, using AdobePhotoshop. I don't know whether this can be classified as minimalist artwork or not? haha. Anyway, i'm having so much fun playing with the colors and shapes. I think my favorite color for this year are pastel-candy-color schemes. I know pastel colors already becoming a trend a few years back. And Pantone already picked radiant orchid as color of the year 2014. But hey, i am a late bloomer :) TC guys!

4 Feb 2014


Salam&Hye buddies! 
Lama gila tak update sebab.. malas. haha. Currently LarutMalam sibuk dengan FluffyPillows. Yeah I don't know how and i don't know why, suddenly i am crazy about pillow-making stuff. All of them are made from fleece fabric (so they are so soft&fluffy :) and also felt fabric. They are 14x14 inches and filled with polyester fibre. Most of them are custom order. So any inquiries, feel free to PM me.

Well, i'll share with you guys the plush-pillow in the next update (tak tahulah bila mood rajin tu datang.hehe) Till then, TC!