30 Sep 2012

sunday obsessions: aztec & tribal patterns

source: da ohsemn mr.google

yes. i spent half of my day searching and looking at those kind of pics.
 can't get it out of my head.
new item to hunt: aztec/tribal printed top :) 
(hunt la sangat, tah bila nak meng-hunt nye pun.hoho)

28 Sep 2012

stay calm & draw shaky lines

hari sudah larut malam.
dan saya masih tidak boleh tidur.
dan saya bosan.

saya buka komputer riba.
saya buka perisian photoshop.
saya pasang hedfon di kepala saya.
dan saya buka playlist lagu.

lagu situational separation-TWKUA menusuk telinga.
ahhh... sungguh tenang.
saya rasa seperti melayang-layang.
melayang-layang di taman bunga.

tapi, walaupun tenang tangan saya masih cant stay still. 
Look at those shaky lines.ARGGHHH.

23 Sep 2012


* * *
I'll always be the same 
no matter how u try to bring me to the ground. 
I can't be denied and I can't be ignored
I'll standing proud of who I want to be
I will prevail I will stand strong whatever I comes..
-Unforgettable (Asthalin)-
* * *

21 Sep 2012

wild imagination

its 5am and im still sitting in front of my laptop
i have been here since 9pm
my head starts to feel dizzy
and i can see my eyebag clearly
but i cant turn it off
i have tried to sleep 
but i cant close my eyes

my imagination runs wild >>>> 

Yes, i in love with the wild thing. 
what i mean, I spent my cant-sleep-whole-night doing this photo editing. its just a simple technique but i really enjoyed.
now i got a zoo on my working space.tadaaa

p/s: u guys should check this out;  the illustrations of "Where Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. just love it in terms of brush strokes and colors and characters.

look, how cute and adorable they are.

so i got a tee with that thingy :)

Oh my imagination really going wild right now. pardon my sooo-random thoughts and for this nonsense post. haha. Someone is knocking my head from the inside. need to go to sleep i guess. adios fellas..

19 Sep 2012


i am a typical girl. love to spend my weekend in shopping malls. but.. 
lets get it straight, i love going to the toy stores. ( am i a weirdo?) *wink
last time, i went to TOYS R US. there are so many lovely toys. however one set that has caught my eye are the marvel superheroes! i cant even blink and dragged my eyes away. *Yeah, i am so pathetic. and i am a broke college student. so, i can buy nothing. HAHA

but, TINK! i got an idea. 'why dont i make my own superheroes collection?'

after do some sketching, 


now i have my own superheroes collection. mission done ;) lalalala

come with me

 * * *
 relieve your thoughts and ideas
as best as you might
hold your head up in the sky
and try to gain some sight

* * *

17 Sep 2012


as we are running,
struggling to grab
what we can't see
ahead of us,
we never realise
how much we had lost
behind of us,
and we are...

gasping between the spaces.

have you ever felt what i feel? 

15 Sep 2012


It's time to move on. I'm tired of squeezing my random thoughts on paper. 
And i'm too bored because no more classes! *merdeka sudah :)
So here I am! 

Yeah, I know I'm quite a step behind. (Not really ‘a step’, LOTS OF STEPS perhaps [smiley icon here]. Since blogging is so typical nowadays. Kan?) Just let me make this blogspot traffic becoming worst.HAHA....