25 Feb 2013


Currently, in process of doodling on a tote bag. Requested from my very own best friend.
Lama dah tak men-doodle ni. Karat juga la otak. But the hardest part for me is Coloring! Im very bad in matching up the colors. Oh.. Hopefully she will like it :)

TC! people.

20 Feb 2013

melancholy of me

this gonna be a rare post.
this is not my style to write "my feeling" in my blog.

this week is my super saddest and hectic week.
we were surprised by new born bunnies last week.
we were over excited. I delayed most of my work because of them.
They were five of them. And i can't resist their cuteness.

But.. our happiness doesn't last longer. Two days later, their mom died.
So we started to look after the babies. and.. it was not an easy task.
Since they were too small. It was difficult to find a suitable milk to feed them.
we were trying so many ways even do some research, called a veterinarian for advices.
Unfortunately, they started dying one by one.
And three of them were dying in my hand.
I can see how they were trying, gasping for the air for the last time.
oh God.. can you feel how i feel? 
and my tears can be stopped anymore.
(ibu cakap: dah ajal diaorang, redha jela..)

now, only one left. But she/he is very weak and unstable.
hope, she/he can stay strong.

 I also learned & keep reminding myself that,
# tak ade satu pun dapat menandingi ciptaan Allah. 
tak kesah la susu replacement secanggih, semahal mana pun..
never be the same as the original one.

SORRY. grammar, ayat terabur habis ke laut.
serabut..huhu.. :(

11 Feb 2013

being a kid.. again

do you remember what it feels like to be young?
yahh.. playing with clay somehow reminds me of how it feels. hee

ingat lagi dulu jalan-jalan dekat mall, merayu dekat ibu nak PlayDoh.
PlayDoh hot stuff zaman tu.
nak yang set besaaaar tu. boleh buat pizza, aiskrim, burger.
ibu tak nak layan.
jalan lambat-lambat belakang ibu dengan muka rebel (kecik-kecik dah pandai).
Ibu tak larat nak layan, at last beli jugak.
tapi set yang kecik ja. *jadilah daripada tak ada.  ^_^

so, here are some clay charms that i made.
it's just to kill my tiredness after sewing.
i'm still a noob.
lots of things need to learn.
and youtube will be your best Guru :) Yup

now, back to work.
TC guys! :)

10 Feb 2013

Weekend obsession: Fox!

Salam & Hai :)
Tak tau lah kenapa.
Minggu ni obses menconteng musang
Dari sketchbook sampailah ke illustrator. haha

I'm pretty like their faces. I think they're cute. kan? :p
So I made a fox clay charm!

Kali pertama bergelumang dengan polymer clay ni.
Main plastishin (tah macam mana ejaan dia.haha) selalu la.
Jadi, macam-macam silly and stupid mistakes terjadi. ngee
*nampaknya lepas ni, ada topik dan label baru la: ohClay :)

Oryte.. TC! :)

7 Feb 2013

We're all unique

Musim hujan sekarang.
Seronok. Sejuk :)
Jadi terperap dalam rumah jelah.
So i can create manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy things.
Yeay \m/ 

So, dont forget to check out my Bilalarutmalam Shop for 
these new pieces of "We are all unique" keychains.

TC! :)

1 Feb 2013


yeaa. new comers!
tapi still tak fikir lagi,
nak bagi depa nama apa.

and this is just....
for fun
no offence.haha