26 Dec 2012

21 Dec 2012

we are..

yes. we are a gang of loser. 
because we got the same heart.
("the dears- you and i are a gang of losers") 
so, no need to judge other people.
and no need to hate.
spread the love & have a nice day. hehe :)

20 Dec 2012

animal heads and fries??

New drawings :) weee

 Actually, i just want to make a sketch of these animal heads for my tote project. 
but i don't know why it came out like this. haha
look like a pattern kan kan?? *angguk la kepala..

this one.huh..boleh buat air liur drooling-drooling. 
dah lama tak makan fries. dan teringat kawan-kawan semua.
muda-muda dulu, suka lepak McD.nak lepak McD pun, we got our own strategy. haha
five of us. Biasanya, mesti dah bahagi tugas siap-siap. 
Sorang akan 'cop' tempat. Dua orang pegi line up & order. Lagi dua orang pegi ambil sos bagai.
Part yang kalau makan fries tak boleh 'bla'. Habis satu dulang penuh dengan mountains of fries.
 Dengan taburan garamnya, yang macam snowflakes.
*bayangkan-bayangkan. huhu..yumm2x
kalau makan fries dengan cheese powder tu lagi la. tu yang 'over shake shake'.
dang! miss em so much.

tapi..itu dulu.
sekarang, i'll try my best to avoid all-the-mcd2 ni. :)
nampaknya,saya dah berkata-kata agak banyak. 
ok.bai.tc ^^

15 Dec 2012

dont go

this drawing inspired by a song. 'Dont go' by BMTH ft Lights.
but in my own meaning version.haha

tak tahu apa yang bakal kita hadapi dan apa yang kita akan jadi di masa hadapan.
susah untuk lepaskan semua nikmat yang kita ada sekarang.
takut kebuntuan tuntutan hidup menakluk imaginasi-imaginasi indah dan liar yang pernah kita punyai.
arghhh.. susah nak cakap. 
memang sah dah merepek. =_=

apa-apa pun, MOVE ON! :)

mr. moo gets angry

hello. introducing mr.moo.
Yea.. im so happy. this is my first attempt to make an animated gif.
but still, theres a lot i need to learn & improve
**pity mr.moo .

12 Dec 2012

hey ladies

lately i keep posting my sketching/contengan. OK. malas nak tulis sebenarnya. :) also for today, i was chained by the 'lazy spirits' (*apela merepek ni).. so here they are, my new buddies.

what you should do when people staring at you in a disgusting ways?
1. acts like you dont care.

2. make an annoying face. 

That's all for today. stay tuned for the next tips.

11 Dec 2012

daily draw:what to do #1

this is just a piece of my scrap (comapared dengan illustration yang hebat-hebat, apelah sangat contengan patik ini yang macam budak tadika punya artworks.hee). tapi.. i do it with all my heart and soul. *chewahh. and so meaningful.

8 Dec 2012

dolly #2

dolly update!! yeay.

Now we are a big family. ^-^

all of them are +/- 12 inches tall. and made from felt and cotton. soft to touch and hold :) im looking forward to make a new design. tunggguuuuu. hee

*tu je? haah. hari ni malas nak tulis.

28 Nov 2012

blacu dolls

Arghhhh... there's loooooooooooooootsss of things i want to do. and i don't know, which one should i start first. and... sadly i end up with doing nothing. yeah. shame on ME! haha.

btw, here are snippet of what im working on recently.. huh.. ni pun kerja macam kura-kura, berhari-hari tak siap jugak.

20 Nov 2012

hey john, whats your name again?

this is trial yang ke berapa tah nak buat skin tone. 
so rambut, malas nak color. muahaha

#sorry TDWP, pinjam tajuk lagu kome kejap 
sebab aku tak tau nak tulis tajuk apa. haaha

18 Nov 2012

sunday obsession: galaxy paint!

salam peeps :)

so, as for today (seperti dinyatakan di tajuk) galaxy paint. yeay! as usual, mr google never fail to inspire me. 

tengah syok-syok bersiar-siar di google image, tiba-tiba hujan rahmat turun mencurah-curah disertakan dengan kilat,petir,guruh (aku tak taulah apa beza tiga-tiga ni). "hah, petir dah berdentum tunggu apa lagi. Switch off semua. Korang tak takut ke hah?" kata ibuku.

maka aku pun duduk termenung. tak tahu nak buat apa.
"hemmm.. apa kata try buat galaxy paint dekat tote bag" **monolog dalaman. haha

and..... walaaaaaahhh

dah siap :) walaupun tak secantik mana. tapi yang penting, have fun! lalala~

pstttttt... and dont forget dear, to pray for our brothers and sisters in palestine ;( May Allah save 'em.

15 Nov 2012

a place to keep your money warm

i make these two buddies quite a long time ago. but i was too lazy to transfer these photos from my camera. haha. 

- about 5x4 inches
- materials: felt, cotton & compressed sponge, buttons

- 7.5x7.5 inches
- material: felt

and of course, both are 100% hand sewn ( sebab tak pro pakai mesin jahit! haha =_=' ). anyone interested? i can make it more.. *grinning + sparkling eyes


Hola! At this moment, im officially jobless. Sooo, i have looooooots of times to do what i like. Wehuu ^-^
Tapi kadang-kadang bingit jugak telinga bila orang tanya, "bila nak cari kerja ni? tak kan nak memerap je dekat rumah?".. dan aku hanya senyum kambing. haha

Back to the topic, recently i am so fanatic with dolls. So, here they are :3

1. brainstorm
2. draw & trace the pattern
3. cut -- sew--- stuffing


im still looking for their names. Thinking of hana & sofie ( cehh..macam bagi nama anak pulak). They are about 12 inches tall made from felt (body, hood, tops, handbags), cotton (dress/skirt) and some beads.

'say hye to em' :)

looking forward to make more new friends for them.
bila dah banyak nanti, maybe can be adopted pulak.

10 Nov 2012

stay with me

i was listening to 300 violins orchestra metal remix and silent hill soundtracks while playing with my bamboo tablet and photoshop. and suddenly this girl came out of my mind.

tau. still many many many more need to be improved. dan saya budak baru belajar.haha  (adik cheq siap komen "awat hidung dia penyek sebelah kak?" **cehh). geram betul bila tengok magazine graphic. macam mana lah depa punya artworks superb macam tu.

anyway, i do have fun :)

1 Oct 2012

shophighlights: ART.FRIEND

ART.FRIEND is a must-to-go-shop if i am hanging out at the Mid Valley Mall. Located at level 3, The Gardens; i willing to spend the rest of my life there. haha (poyo) My friends have to drag me out of the shop. I am totally like a child getting lost in a house full of toys. :)

This shop may have all the stuff you need when you are already exhausted searching for it at other stores and can't found it. Crafty things, all types of pens and markers, paper products, drawing materials etc.. It's just, some stuff is quite expensive. (example:: you can get felt fabric from DAISO at a reasonable price. and worth it ) But it is undeniable that most of their products are high quality. So its all depend on you, to make a choice :)

and... bonjour octobre!

>>> Next shophighlights: DAISO ^_^ <<<

30 Sep 2012

sunday obsessions: aztec & tribal patterns

source: da ohsemn mr.google

yes. i spent half of my day searching and looking at those kind of pics.
 can't get it out of my head.
new item to hunt: aztec/tribal printed top :) 
(hunt la sangat, tah bila nak meng-hunt nye pun.hoho)

28 Sep 2012

stay calm & draw shaky lines

hari sudah larut malam.
dan saya masih tidak boleh tidur.
dan saya bosan.

saya buka komputer riba.
saya buka perisian photoshop.
saya pasang hedfon di kepala saya.
dan saya buka playlist lagu.

lagu situational separation-TWKUA menusuk telinga.
ahhh... sungguh tenang.
saya rasa seperti melayang-layang.
melayang-layang di taman bunga.

tapi, walaupun tenang tangan saya masih cant stay still. 
Look at those shaky lines.ARGGHHH.

23 Sep 2012


* * *
I'll always be the same 
no matter how u try to bring me to the ground. 
I can't be denied and I can't be ignored
I'll standing proud of who I want to be
I will prevail I will stand strong whatever I comes..
-Unforgettable (Asthalin)-
* * *

21 Sep 2012

wild imagination

its 5am and im still sitting in front of my laptop
i have been here since 9pm
my head starts to feel dizzy
and i can see my eyebag clearly
but i cant turn it off
i have tried to sleep 
but i cant close my eyes

my imagination runs wild >>>> 

Yes, i in love with the wild thing. 
what i mean, I spent my cant-sleep-whole-night doing this photo editing. its just a simple technique but i really enjoyed.
now i got a zoo on my working space.tadaaa

p/s: u guys should check this out;  the illustrations of "Where Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. just love it in terms of brush strokes and colors and characters.

look, how cute and adorable they are.

so i got a tee with that thingy :)

Oh my imagination really going wild right now. pardon my sooo-random thoughts and for this nonsense post. haha. Someone is knocking my head from the inside. need to go to sleep i guess. adios fellas..

19 Sep 2012


i am a typical girl. love to spend my weekend in shopping malls. but.. 
lets get it straight, i love going to the toy stores. ( am i a weirdo?) *wink
last time, i went to TOYS R US. there are so many lovely toys. however one set that has caught my eye are the marvel superheroes! i cant even blink and dragged my eyes away. *Yeah, i am so pathetic. and i am a broke college student. so, i can buy nothing. HAHA

but, TINK! i got an idea. 'why dont i make my own superheroes collection?'

after do some sketching, 


now i have my own superheroes collection. mission done ;) lalalala

come with me

 * * *
 relieve your thoughts and ideas
as best as you might
hold your head up in the sky
and try to gain some sight

* * *

17 Sep 2012


as we are running,
struggling to grab
what we can't see
ahead of us,
we never realise
how much we had lost
behind of us,
and we are...

gasping between the spaces.

have you ever felt what i feel? 

15 Sep 2012


It's time to move on. I'm tired of squeezing my random thoughts on paper. 
And i'm too bored because no more classes! *merdeka sudah :)
So here I am! 

Yeah, I know I'm quite a step behind. (Not really ‘a step’, LOTS OF STEPS perhaps [smiley icon here]. Since blogging is so typical nowadays. Kan?) Just let me make this blogspot traffic becoming worst.HAHA....