15 Nov 2012


Hola! At this moment, im officially jobless. Sooo, i have looooooots of times to do what i like. Wehuu ^-^
Tapi kadang-kadang bingit jugak telinga bila orang tanya, "bila nak cari kerja ni? tak kan nak memerap je dekat rumah?".. dan aku hanya senyum kambing. haha

Back to the topic, recently i am so fanatic with dolls. So, here they are :3

1. brainstorm
2. draw & trace the pattern
3. cut -- sew--- stuffing


im still looking for their names. Thinking of hana & sofie ( cehh..macam bagi nama anak pulak). They are about 12 inches tall made from felt (body, hood, tops, handbags), cotton (dress/skirt) and some beads.

'say hye to em' :)

looking forward to make more new friends for them.
bila dah banyak nanti, maybe can be adopted pulak.

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