21 Sep 2012

wild imagination

its 5am and im still sitting in front of my laptop
i have been here since 9pm
my head starts to feel dizzy
and i can see my eyebag clearly
but i cant turn it off
i have tried to sleep 
but i cant close my eyes

my imagination runs wild >>>> 

Yes, i in love with the wild thing. 
what i mean, I spent my cant-sleep-whole-night doing this photo editing. its just a simple technique but i really enjoyed.
now i got a zoo on my working space.tadaaa

p/s: u guys should check this out;  the illustrations of "Where Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. just love it in terms of brush strokes and colors and characters.

look, how cute and adorable they are.

so i got a tee with that thingy :)

Oh my imagination really going wild right now. pardon my sooo-random thoughts and for this nonsense post. haha. Someone is knocking my head from the inside. need to go to sleep i guess. adios fellas..

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