1 Oct 2012

shophighlights: ART.FRIEND

ART.FRIEND is a must-to-go-shop if i am hanging out at the Mid Valley Mall. Located at level 3, The Gardens; i willing to spend the rest of my life there. haha (poyo) My friends have to drag me out of the shop. I am totally like a child getting lost in a house full of toys. :)

This shop may have all the stuff you need when you are already exhausted searching for it at other stores and can't found it. Crafty things, all types of pens and markers, paper products, drawing materials etc.. It's just, some stuff is quite expensive. (example:: you can get felt fabric from DAISO at a reasonable price. and worth it ) But it is undeniable that most of their products are high quality. So its all depend on you, to make a choice :)

and... bonjour octobre!

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