28 Feb 2014

Paper Flowers

From top to bottom,left to right: 1&2) Martha Stewart 3) OhMyHandmadeGoodness 4) The Bride's Cafe 
        5) TheSweetnestOccasion 6) KimVallee

Salam peeps,This week kind of hectic for me. After took a few days off, there are many things i have to do and i don't know where to start. Haha. Silly me. Anyhow, i am helping my friend doing her wedding preparations. I'm super excited. I do a lot of research. Inspirations and tutorials on  "how to make paper flowers". Well you know, wedding is incomplete without flowers and fresh flowers are expensive. Economic friendly, durable, fun to make. I guess this is the best alternative. Only need a little bit of your creativity and imaginations. They are super beautiful! (Even they are fake) So here are some links that i guess will be super helpful :) DIY mode, turn on!. hehe. TC!

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