17 Feb 2014

Maison Lemarie'

I was watching the making of Chanel couture gown at Youtube when i discovered these pretty, delicate, elegant thingy; flowers and feathers. After some research, i found that it made by a company known as Maison Lemarie'. Lemarie is an established company from France specialized in making flowers and feathers (obviously) and couture. I am so inspired by their details of beautiful works and how many passions they put in their process. (I'm burning, can you see? haha)

So guess what.we know where this story goes. haha. i pun berangan la, try to make my own flowers out of felt. Experimenting here and there. I also made some sketch, planning to do hand-print on fabric. Will update (one day soon) how it turns out. hehe. TC buddies!   

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