9 Jan 2013

lalala kerja

i was sleeping silently last night when suddenly i heard noisy movements coming from my working space. with a high curiosity level and a lil bit of courage, i made my mind to see what was going on. Oh man, dang shocked bila nampak....

perhimpunan bersih bunny.nation?
lead by bad aunty ?
what is their agenda? 
ok.this has gone too far.

sorry guys. did i mess up your mind?haha
bila kerja agak banyak dan setiap hari buat benda yang sama,
i tend to get distracted easily dan merepek meraban.
ini lah jadinya. make up a trashy story.

 but thats fine.

some cut-cut works
ready to fly to their new home..weee

now get back to work. hiyaaah!
TC! :)

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